What's New?

Here you'll find an ongoing list of new features, fixes, and changes added to each release of Pano2VR 7.

This is a current list of new features, fixes from version 6, and known issues (7 beta). Check back for updates.

Indicates a major new feature or major change.

Updated: 2022-06-07


  • beta 3 adds native support for Apple Silicon (ARM) Macs


  • New Properties panels. The General properties panel now incorporates project properties, image properties user data, and viewing parameters.
  • Text will now wrap in all extended text fields (User Data, Embedded Stylesheet, etc.)
  • Drag file and folders to Assets
  • Nodes in the Tour Browser will now highlight when the mouse hovers a node, hotspot, list view and a map pin.
  • Hold the Shift key to limit movement of panorama along the horizontal or vertical axes in the Viewer.
  • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Tags in the Tour Browser can now be removed via the context menu.
  • Skins for VR are now located separately from Web Output skins. A skin for VR can be added in the Web Output properties under VR. The folder location of the VR skins can be changed in Pano2VR’s settings.
  • New Logo
  • Play and Pause video panoramas using the spacebar.
  • You can now customize autobackup intervals.


  • Change files (sound, PDFs, etc.) with translation
  • Change the color of the Grid Lines in the Viewer
  • ★ Rich Text Editor to all expandable text fields
  • Copy Max FoV to all nodes
  • Create multilingual projects using the translation tools in the Project and Skin Editor.
  • There is now a placeholder for Altitude for User Data.
  • ★ New placeholders: Hotspot ID $(hid) and Hotspot Skin ID $(hSid). So, now you can trigger an action based on a hotspot’s ID or based on a Skin-ID.
  • ★ Instead of adding more User Data fields, we added Project Properties. These come in the form of Custom Properties in User Data and Hotspots. These properties are defined as variables that can be called up in the Skin Editor. In the Skin Editor, there will be a table called, Project Properties that will hold all the variables created in the project.
  • Custom Properties are automatically added to the skin when you open the Skin Editor from the Output Panel


  • Add placeholders as values for number and string Triggers via the context menu in the table
  • Trigger: Margin From Edge for Point Hotspots to have the same distance from all edges
  • ★ Clone Floor Plans, Hotspots, and Translations
  • Show variables’ source in placeholders menu
  • PDF element can now have a defined starting page
  • Drag and drop Lottie and JSON files in the Skin Editor
  • Regular Expressions in Hotspot Proxy ID
  • New option for Maps Element API choice: Auto to auto-detect the map type
  • The Set Value action now has a Parameter setting to define the value
  • Choose a Start Page for the PDF skin element
  • The source of a skin variable can now be changed
  • New option for Maps Element API choice: Auto to auto-detect the map type
  • Logic Block for Tab Index
  • Logic Block for CSS Classes
  • ★ Accessibility: Tab index and ARIA labels, descriptions, details and role
  • Set Zoom action for Maps
  • Search in the Skin Editor.
  • There is now an action to change the z-index of an element. Set Z-Index setting is found under, Position / Size Action.
  • You can now change the width, radius, colors of individual borders in the skin.
  • Paging menus is now possible with the Cloner’s new options for direction: Single Row and Single Column. Additionally, a new option, Center in Parent, keeps the cloner centered.
  • Off-canvas area in Skin Editor Canvas, now has a background.
  • When entering tags in a logic block, you’ll now see a list of your tags to choose from.
  • New actions: Mute, Unmute, Toggle Mute
  • Skin elements that were placed outside of the canvas and are added to a new component will keep their position (rather than being placed at 0,0)
  • New action: Center Node centers the map around a specific node.
  • Fractional Zoom for maps using the Leaflet API
  • iPadOS is now detected using the Is Mobile trigger.
  • ★ New Logic Block Trigger: Has Sounds detects any background sound or pinned sound in a tour, or any pinned video that has volume and if it’s greater than 0, it will be true.
  • New Logic Block Trigger: Node Count will trigger based on the number nodes in a tour.
  • Elements in the Tree can be quickly brought to the center of the canvas to find elements faster in a skin with many elements.
  • Copy and paste Action Filters to other actions
  • New Logic Block Triggers: Hotspot Screen X (%)and Hotspot Screen Y (%). Available for hotspot templates and give you the ability to hide and show hotspots at specific locations (like the center).
  • Skin elements now have a Notes field. The notes will show as a tooltip when hovering over an element in the Tree.
  • Variables can now be renamed and cut and pasted. You can also find how and where they are being used in the skin.
  • The Skin Editor’s Toolbar can now be hidden.
  • ★ Very useful is the new Find Warnings option in the Skin Editor. Open it in the Edit menu. You’ll also see a dialog that tells you if there are warnings when you close the skin.
  • Variables can now be used in the position and size actions.
  • Find and Replace in the skin.
  • ★ New skin element: PDF. You can now add PDFs to the skin using the skin element.
  • The playhead of the seekbar can now be sized.
  • Variables can be copy and pasted.
  • The Set Value action can now be used with the Seekbar. This will allow you to set the media ID of an element so the Seekbar can be used for multiple elements.
  • Components Toolbox now has more built-in categories and new tabs for icons and Lottie files.
  • Drag components and icons directly to the Components Toolbox.
  • New Action: Set Auto Rotate Filter will filter nodes for auto rotation.
  • Scrollbars added for clipped content in the External Image element
  • Variables in the Skin Editor can now use Logic Blocks.
  • External Files in the Skin Editor can now be rearranged.
  • New Logic Block Trigger: Browser Theme
  • A skin element’s position can now be set to 0,0 by double-clicking on the direction icons.
  • Rounded corners for everyone! The Container, Image, Button, SVG, External Image, and Node Image elements now have radius properties to get rounded corners.
  • ★ Support for Lottie animations in the Skin Editor.
  • To target more than one Polygon Hotspot, use regular expressions in Change Polygon Mode and Change Polygon Color actions.
  • Elements in the Skin Editor’s Tree can now be highlighted with colors.
  • New Action: Set Media Speed
  • Added a Description column to the table-based Cloner. This allows for addressing external images or even adding URLS.
  • Added more units of measure for the Inner Size of a Scroll Area.
  • ★ New skin element: Code Element for applying custom Javascript and CSS to the skin.
  • Images in the skin (Button, SVG) can now use icons from the Components Toolbox to replace icons.
  • Float numbers are now supported for skin variables, including variables added to the animation editor and custom properties.
  • Text in Text Boxes can now be vertically aligned.
  • New Logic Block Triggers to show and hide maps based on: Tour Has Map, Tour Has Floor Plan, Node on Floor Plan
  • Show the first map in the project as an option of Maps in Map Element.
  • New placeholder to display altitude in Feet: $(altf)

Pinned Elements

  • Resize all point at once for pinned media
  • Hotspots: The labels for the URL and target fields now change according to the hotspot type
  • Pinned media now have movable handles for easier placement.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for adding blurred patches
  • Copy Target lets you copy a specific target view to all tour node hotspots.
  • Gaussian Blur has been added as an option for the preview panorama.
  • ★ New Point Hotspot Type: PDF. One way to add PDFs is to drag PDF files into the Viewer with Point Hotspot mode turned on. The Skin-ID will automatically be set to ht_pdf.
  • Pinned Images can now stay hidden until they are clicked on. Available for Pop Out Normal and Pop Out 100% options. This is useful when you want to popout an image of a painting on the wall, but don’t want to necessarily pin the image over the painting.
  • You can now customize the colors for directional sound fields in the Viewer Settings
  • The video elements in the Viewer and Skin Editor now support time-indexed links from YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Pinned Videos now have Pop Back options for how the video behaves when popped back into place.
  • ★ Pinned Web Element: Pin web content to the panorama, like a YouTube video or web pages.

Web Output

  • Opt for a smooth hotspot motion in Web Output’s Advanced settings
  • Direct Node Access is now enabled by default in the HTML template settings
  • ★ The HTML5 Output is now called Web Output.
  • There is now a Zoom to Pan before effect for Transitions.
  • ★ Support for subtitles (SRT files) for video panoramas
  • Easing functions added to logic block transitions and any action that has transitions available.
  • Background sound and all of its parameters can now be copied to all tour nodes for when direct node access is being used.
  • You can now choose to delete the output folder of the web output, but keep the tiles.
  • Horizon Tilt option added in the Autorotation settings which allows you to use the tilt specified in the Default View.
  • Autorotation created in the Animation Editor now has an option to randomize the clips in the chosen sequence.
  • Zooming with the mouse wheel or with pinch now defaults to centering the zoom at the mouse cursor or pinch position. There is a new option to change this default. This has also been added to the Javascript API.
  • ★ Live Update in Web Output: Turn Live Update on to have a project’s output automatically update. This applies to changes in the skin editor as well.

Animation Output

  • ★ Track point hotspots in video panoramas
  • Keyframes can now be inverted in the Animation Editor.
  • Video Panorama clip added to the Animation Editor which provides a way to add captions and animated point hotspots to the video panorama.

Tour Map

  • An active pin’s radar indicator now extends to the edge of the map in the Tour Map.
  • Limit how far one can move within a map with Set Map Limits. This helps prevent users from losing their spot in the map.
  • The color of the Tour Map’s radar can now be changed.
  • Nudge Map Pins in the Tour Map using cursor keys
  • ★ New automatic linking option: From Current Node which will link from the active node to all other nodes or all selected nodes.
  • Support for Multilayered Maps for Google, Mapbox and Custom maps.
  • A grid is now available in the Tour Map to help in the placement of map pins. Especially useful for building Street View tours.
  • Floor Plans that have PNG as their format now have an option for Crisp Edges.
  • Quickly remove links with Alt or Option while in Switch Node in Link Mode in the Tour Map.


  • added a Player function to address individual Polygon hotspots and turn on/off the hand cursor


Beta 4

  • Changed: Containers no longer have the border radius property or masking option. Rather, masking has been added to the Rectangle element.
  • Note: If Markdown is used with older skins, you’ll need to apply the new default CSS for Markdown
  • Crashing on Intel Graphics computers has been fixed
  • Project User Data is no longer hidden in a Text Box
  • Ghost Hotspots are now updating their location after adjusting the heading
  • Custom Properties are now showing in the cloner
  • Autorotate will now continue on to the next node
  • Scroll area is now showing scroll bar
  • Number variables now allow for a range from -99999999.99 to 99999999.99
  • A variable added to one clip can now be added to another clip in Animation
  • Adding a PDF hotspot no longer crashes the output if no skin is selected
  • Blur in the built-in skins is working again in Safari
  • The Tour Browser is showing the image filename in thumbnail as it should
  • Exposed colours can now be removed when the elements are removed from the skin
  • Various fixes have been done in the built-in skins
  • Pano2VR no longer crashes if cube faces are not using the proper naming convention for cube faces
  • HTML Background color is no longer being ignored
  • GIFs are now selectable as a file-type for Custom Point Hotspot Images

Beta 3

  • Changed: New minimum requirements for running Pano2VR: macOS 10.14 and Windows 10 (1809 or later)/Windows 11 21H2
  • 360º Video now open in the Viewer on M1 macs
  • Maps and Floor Plans now are using the correct maps API
  • Pano2VR should no longer resize itself after crashing
  • Custom Properties number values are using the hundreds place, rather than the tens
  • Custom Properties are now working for Polygon Hotspots
  • Hotspot wiggle has been minimized (see features)
  • YouTube controls are showing again in built-skins video pop-ups
  • Map Element will now open to Marker Bounds
  • Polygon Hotspots can now be drawn as expected
  • Fixed: Map not showing if using logic block to show on open
  • Fixed: Text box auto size is causing text box width issues when using border
  • Fixed: YouTube Video popup does not show controls Default Skins
  • Fixed: Pinned video image mask not being applied on the output
  • Clip Content in the External Image Loader Clip was not clipping content
  • Fixed: Cannot hide a text box with a logic block variable trigger from a Hotspot custom property
  • Fixed: Sound Element not immediately visible as a target in the Volume actions
  • Fixed: Skin translation not working in the output when the skin is in the skins directory
  • Fixed: Output Properties are not appearing in Properties Panel
  • Fixed: Custom Properties Description field does not update
  • Fixed: Components not being added to new folder
  • Fixed: Tour map properties panel hiding when clicked
  • Fixed: Map Element not opening to Marker Bounds
  • Fixed: Zoom Level setting in Maps action sticks
  • Changed: The default skins now use the browser’s share sheet

Beta 2

  • Thumbnail images not loading
  • Built-in skins missing actions for share buttons
  • Translation template changes the Source/Project language
  • Cannot select multiple items in List View
  • Apostrophe/Single quote characters are preventing translated languages from showing on output
  • Rotation Modifier not rotating child elements

Beta 1a and 1b

  • Scaling and logic block units are now consistently displayed.
  • Fixed: The Seekbar was showing errors for mobile browsers.
  • Link arrows that go both ways in Tour Map, are now darker to make it easier to distinguish from one-way links
  • Fixed an issue with text boxes being resized with logic blocks, where the original size would stay active
  • Fixed an issue with nested cloners in that some categories were getting hidden if there was a scroll area
  • Fixed: Polygon Hotspots’ active area was misaligned in WordPress

Known Issues

updated 07.June.2022

  • Pinned media covers Polygon Hotspots and therefore are not receiving actions
  • Single Resolution outputs not performing Fly-ins
  • Built-in skins default to use Google API for custom map
  • Scaling a Hotspot Template no longer affects the size of the Hotspot Image in the output
  • Enter key no longer works as a carriage return in a text box
  • Logic Blocks in a Hotspot Template not working as should
  • Pinned video image mask not being applied on the output
  • Speed difference between V6 and V7 when creating an output
  • VR skin on iOS is missing the stare indicator and hotspots
  • The web element crashes the site on iOS