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Keyboard Shortcuts

A list of all keyboard shortcuts found in the main project window and the Skin Editor.

Below are all the default keyboard shortcuts. They can be customized in the settings.

Main Window

Description macOS Windows
New Project ⌘N Ctrl+N
New Window ⌥⌘N
Open Project ⌘O Ctrl+O
Save Project ⌘S Ctrl+S
Save Project As ⇧⌘S Ctrl+Shift+S
Close Window ⌘W Ctrl+W
Quit/Exit Application ⌘Q Ctrl+Q
Generate Output ⌥⌘G Ctrl+Alt+G
Skin Editor ⌘K Ctrl+K
Skin Editor (Current Output) ⌥⌘K Ctrl+Alt+K
Next Panorama ⌘],⇧⌘N Ctrl+], Ctrl+Shift+N
Previous Panorama ⌘[,⇧⌘P Ctrl+[, Ctrl+Shift+P
Hide Panels ⌥⇥ Ctrl+Tab
Tour Browser ⌥⇧T Alt+Shift+T
Properties ⌥⇧P Alt+Shift+P
List View ⌥⇧L Alt+Shift+L
Viewer Settings ⌥⇧S Alt+Shift+S
Tour Map ⌥⇧M Alt+Shift+M
Input ⌥⇧I Alt+Shift+I
Output ⌥⇧O Alt+Shift+O
Google Street View ⌥⇧G Alt+Shift+G
History ⌥⇧H Alt+Shift+H
Overview ⌥⇧V Alt+Shift+V


Description macOS Windows
Set North N N
Level L L
Turn Around Z Z
Follow Hotspot (Point and Polygon) Option-click the hotspot Alt+Click the hotspot
Open Target Viewing Parameters (Point and Polygon) ⌘-click the hotspot Ctrl+Click the hotspot
Move forward through the nodes in the Tour Browser ⌘] Ctrl+]
Move backward through the nodes in the Tour Browser ⌘[ Ctrl+[
Go to Default View ⇧⌘U Ctrl+Shift+U
Set Default View ⌘U Ctrl+U
Element Panorama X X
Element Patches A A
Element Point Hotspots P P
Element Sounds S S
Element Images I I
Element Videos V V
Element Web W W
Element Lens Flare F F

Patch Mode

Description macOS Windows
Add a Blurred Circle ⇧+double click Shift+Double-Click
Add a Blurred Square ⇧⌘+double click Shift+Ctrl+Double-Click
Add a Blurred Cover ⌥⇧+double click Shift+Alt+Double-Click

Tour Map

Description macOS Windows
Remove links while in Switch Node in Link Mode ⌥+Click Alt+Click
Select pins ⇧+Drag Shift+Drag
Rotate/Move selected pins Control
Rotate selected pins ⌘+Click enter control Control center control
Move non-selected pins ⌥+Drag Alt+Drag
Nudge map pins by 1 pixel Arrow Keys Arrow keys
Nudge map pins by 10 pixels ⇧+Cursor Keys Shift+Cursor keys
Lock center current node button ⌥+Click Alt+Click

Animation Editor

Description macOS Windows
Play/Pause Animation Space Space
Begin Animation PgUp
End Animation PgDown
Animation Mute ⌘M Ctrl+M
Add Pan and Tilt Keyframes to active point hotpot ⌥+Enter Alt+Return

Skin Editor

Description macOS Windows
New ⌘N Ctrl+N
Open ⌘O Ctrl+O
Save ⌘S Ctrl+S
Save As ⇧⌘S Ctrl+Shift+S
New Window ⇧⌘N Ctrl+Shift+N
Close Window ⌘W Ctrl+W
Find ⌘F Ctrl+F
Find Warnings ⌥⌘F Ctrl+Alt+F
Hide In Canvas ⇧⌘H Ctrl+H
Lock In Canvas ⌘L Ctrl+L
Expand Element ⇧⌘E Ctrl+Shift+E
Zoom In ⌘+ Ctrl+ +
Zoom Out ⌘- Ctrl+ –
Zoom Fit ⌘0 Ctrl+0
Zoom 100% ⌘1 Ctrl+1
Show Off-Canvas Elements ⇧⌘O Ctrl+Shift+O
Snap To Grid ⇧⌘G Ctrl+Shift+G
Snap to Guides ⇧⌘U Ctrl+Shift+U
Detach Tree View ⌥⌘T Ctrl+Alt+T
Detach Properties View ⌥⌘P Ctrl+Alt+P
Toggle Properties View ⌥⇥ Ctrl+Tab
Toggle Tree View ⌥⇧⇥ Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Compact Tree View ⇧⌘T Ctrl+Shift+T
Properties Solo Mode ⇧⌘P Ctrl+Shift+P
Show Actions ⇧⌘A Ctrl+Shift+A
Show Modifiers ⇧⌘M Ctrl+Shift+M
Bring Main Window Forward ⌥⌘K Ctrl+Alt+K
Live Preview ⇧⌘L Ctrl+Shift+L
Color Tool ⇧⌘C Ctrl+Shift+C
Components Toolbox ⇧⌘X Ctrl+Shift+X
Generate Output ⌥⌘G Ctrl+Alt+G
Element Containter ⌘K Ctrl+K
Element Rectangle ⌘R Ctrl+R
Element Text ⌘T Ctrl+T
Element Image ⌘I Ctrl+I
Element Button ⌘B Ctrl+B
Element SVG ⌘G Ctrl+G
Element External Image ⌘E Ctrl+E
Element Scroll Area ⌘R Ctrl+R
Element Hotspot Template ⌘P Ctrl+P
Element Marker ⌘M Ctrl+M

General Shortcuts

These shortcuts are found throughout Pano2VR and are not customizable.

Description macOS Windows
Preferences/Settings ⌘,
Hide Pano2VR ⌘H
Hide Others ⌥⌘H
Quit/Exit Pano2VR ⌘Q Ctrl+Q
Undo ⌘Z Ctrl+Z
Redo ⇧⌘Z Shift+Ctrl+Z

Last modified: Aug 2, 2022