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Skin Actions and Modifiers

Actions are like a set of directions that are applied to any element added to the skin to create interactivity.

The actions are found in the Properties section of the Skin Editor for each element.

Double-click in the Actions area or hit the plus sign to the right to open the Action Settings.

Action Settings
Action Settings

Action Settings

Source – Choose which event will cause the Action to occur.

Action – Choose what will happen when the event occurs. For instance, if Pressed and Pan Left are chosen for a button’s action, and a user clicks on that button and holds down the mouse button, the panorama will pan left.

Depending on which Action is chosen, different parameters that are associated with that Action will appear. For example, for the pan actions, you can define the pan speed.

Expert Mode is found in most Actions and allows manual entry of certain properties. Some advanced parameters can only be added in expert mode.

When setting a Target, the targeted element will highlight in the Canvas. Hovering your mouse over the target field in the Actions properties panel will also highlight the targeted element. If you’d like to address multiple elements and they have the same ID, you would use # in front of the target’s ID.

Using the hash in Target
Using the hash in Target

Context Menu

Once an action has been added, right-click a row to open the context menu.

  • Cut/Copy/Paste – Cut, Copy, and Paste the selected actions.
  • Insert Action Above – Inserts an action above the selected action.
  • Delete All Actions – Remove all the actions in one fell swoop.

Action Filter

Use the Action Filter to create a condition for that action. This can be used so that the action will only execute if the condition is true.

Action Filter
Action Filter

The above states, to execute the action only if the current projection is Rectilinear. If the panorama is viewed in any other projection, the action will not execute.

Actions filters can be copied (click Copy) and added to other actions. Select actions in the Action pane, right-click and choose Paste Action Filter.

Last modified: Apr 15, 2022