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Floor Plan Properties

The properties for a floor plan added to the Tour Map.

When a floor plan has been added to the Tour Map the following properties will be available:

Map ID – The map’s ID or name. This will also appear in the Map properties of the Map element in the Skin Editor.

Title – The floor plan’s title. This title will appear in the maps list in the Tour Map.

File – The file of the floor plan. To see it’s location or change the file, click the folder button. To change the file, select the new file and choose, Open. Right click on the file name to open the context menu:

  • Edit – Edit the file name.

  • Show in Explorer/Finder – Open the file in Explorer or Finder.

Tags – Add tags to the floor plan. Type the tag and press tab, enter/return, or the spacebar to apply. Once a tag is added, it will be applied to any node located on the floor plan on output. The tags will be listed in the tags section of the User Data panel and can be filtered in the Tour Browser. They can later be used in the Skin Editor. For example, if you have a multi-level project, you can have a thumbnail controller that shows only the nodes on the current floor by applying the tag, Floor1 to a cloner element.

Georeference – Click this button to have Pano2VR copy the location data from the current floor plan to all other floor plans. This way, if you have multiple floor plans for the same location/building, you only need to measure and add the floor plan to the World Map once.

North – Set the floor plan’s North by entering North’s degree/angle or by dragging the North indicator in the Tour Map window.

Map Width – Enter the floor plan’s width. Measure Distance mode can also be turned on here.

Latitude – The floor plan’s latitude. Click the geolocate button to turn on Geolocate Mode which will insert the floor plan onto the map so it can be positioned manually.

Longitude – The floor plan’s longitude.

Nodes – Select Anchor GPS to map to keep the nodes position on the floor plan when you later move or rotate the floor plan on the world map.

The next settings are specifically for the outputted floor plan.

Format – Choose the image format of the floor plan.

Quality – Only available for JPG. Select the image quality of the JPG.

Rendering – Only available for PNG. Select to keep the edges of the floor plan crisp during scaling.

Background Color – Click the color to open the color picker to choose a background color for the floor plan. This is especially useful if the skin map element has a different aspect ratio than the floor plan and because of this there is some empty area. You can also use the color picker to set the Alpha Channel to 0, which will give a transparent background.

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Last modified: May 5, 2022