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Adding Transitions

Use common transitions like cross dissolve and dip to color to transition between panoramas in a tour.

Add a Simple Transition

  1. Add panoramas to the project.

  2. Choose your output format: Web or Animation.

  3. Find the Transitions panel in the Properties panel.

  4. Select, Panoramas to enable the transitions.

  5. Choose Cross Dissolve for the transition type.

  6. Enter the transition length. One second is the default and is a good place to start.

Add Effects to the Transition

  1. Follow the steps from above.

  2. Add a zoom effect.

    You can add a zoom in and out effect before the actual transition to give a feeling of movement from one location to the next. Just use the menus for Before and After to add the zoom effects.

    Wait for transition – Select to have the After effect applied after the transition. Deselect to have the After effect and transition occur simultaneously.

  3. Now decide on how far it zooms in with Zoomed FoV.

  4. Finally, decide how fast that zoom occurs with Zoom Speed.

These last two steps will require some playing around to see which combination you prefer.

Transition the Sound

★ Web output only

  1. Select Sounds to enable the feature.

  2. Choose a transition length.

  3. Select Crossfade if you want to have sounds of both panoramas to overlap creating a smooth audio transition.

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Last modified: Jul 20, 2018