Table of Contents

A map to all help pages for Pano2VR.

What's New?

Here you'll find an ongoing list of new features, fixes, and changes added to each release of Pano2VR 7.

Getting Started with Pano2VR

Get the most out of Pano2VR by going over the documents in this section which introduce you to Pano2VR's workflow.

Setting up the Project

Learn how to best prepare and organize your projects.


Patching allows you to non-destructively extract a non-distorted portion of the input image without having to remap or convert the whole image. Add patches to hide faces, to add nadir caps, hide drones, and even adding roll-over effects.


Hotspots are points or areas of interaction within the panorama. They can open other panoramas, open websites, and pop up information boxes, images, and videos.

Pinned Media

Videos, images, lens flares, web snippets, and sounds can all be pinned to a panorama.

Building a Panoramic Tour

Learn the basic workflow for building a tour in Pano2VR.

Animating in 360

Pano2VR features an Animation Editor that lets you create an animated flat video from your 360 media as well as auto-rotations.

Creating Skins

Use the Skin Editor to create and design interactive overlays for your virtual tours.

Working with 360º Video

Pano2VR has supported 360º video since 2007 but since then it's gotten much easier to work with. Sometimes your clients ask for a bit more than just a few still panorama images. You can integrate the videos in a tour or create a full 360º video tour.


Once you're finished working on your project you can output it for a website, as a flat video, as a different projection, or for social media.


Pano2VR tips and tricks.


A list of terms used throughout Pano2VR.


This is a reference section for Pano2VR's APIs, Keyboard Shortcuts, and more.

Last modified: 2021-04-30