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Image Properties

Use the Image Mode to pin images to the panorama.

Using the Image Viewer Mode to add an image will pin the image to the panorama. This will make it distort with the panorama. You have the option to make the image interactive and pop out of its pinned location undistorted for better viewing. This is used often for gallery tours.

ID – Each image added is given a unique ID. The default is Element01. The number will increase with each added element.

✭ Tip – This ID can be used as a target for an action in the Skin Editor.

File – Add the image file here by doing any of the following:

  • Click on the folder icon. Navigate to the image file and choose, Open.
  • Drag the file to Filename.
  • Drag the file to the Viewer.

✭ Tip: Right-click the File path to edit or to reveal the file in Explorer/Finder.

Alternative File(s) – Use this to add an alternative file format of the main file to ensure playback in all browsers.

To add an alternative file, click the folder icon to navigate and choose the alternative file.

  • Copy files to output – Select to have Pano2VR copy the alternative files to the output folder.

Size – This is the image’s dimensions (width x height). Changing the size here will affect the element, but it’s recommended to not change this parameter. To make the image smaller or larger drag on the image’s handles in the Viewer.

Click Mode – Choose from the following options for interactivity:

  • None – Nothing happens when the image is clicked.
  • Pop out original – Clicking the image will cause it to animate forward from its pinned position and enlarge to its original dimensions ignoring the viewport’s borders, possibly clipping the image. Click on the image to return it to its pinned state.
  • Pop out fit – The image will pop out only to the edge of the frame/viewport; always fitting in the frame. Set the Scaling amount. The default is 100%.
  • Hide when pinned – Select to hide the pinned image until it is clicked on.

Hand Cursor – Select enable to have the mouse cursor turn into a hand cursor when it hovers over a pinned image in the output.

Position – Select Lock to lock the image’s position in place.

X Rotation – Changes the element’s rotation on the X axis. Units are in degrees. Correlates to the top arrow in the preview image.

Y Rotation – Changes the element’s rotation on the Y axis. Units are in degrees. Correlates to the left arrow in the preview image.

Z Rotation – Changes the element’s rotation on the Z axis. Units are in degrees. Correlates to the center arrow in the preview image.

FoV – This is the horizontal field of view which the image covers. A smaller angle will decrease the overall size; larger angle increases the size or how much the image covers the field of view.

Vertical Stretch – This will stretch the vertical dimension of the image. This is used to help assist in exact fitting of a space (like a Picture Frame). Anything beyond 100% will be vertically extended and therefore distort the image. Anything below 100% will squeeze the picture horizontally.

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Last modified: Jan 10, 2024