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Animation Output

Use the Animation Output to create a flat video from the clips and sequences created in the Animation Editor.

Animation Output
Animation Output

Choose the Animation Output type using the green plus button. The Animation Output Properties will open the Properties panel. Below are the settings for exporting the project.

Output Folder

All files associated with this output will be added to this folder unless otherwise specified. Its default name is output. Its default location is the same folder as the source image.

Change the output folder’s location by clicking the folder icon and navigating to the new location.

  • Right-click the folder name to change its name or to find the folder’s location in Finder [macos] or Explorer [win].
  • Each output will create a unique folder name to avoid overwriting previous outputs.

Erase Output Folder – Click the trashcan icon to erase all the content from the current output folder. Long press the button to choose to erase all the content except for the outputted tiles.


When you click the Generate Output button, a dialog with rendering options will appear. Choose from the following to render an output:

  • All Frames – This option renders all of the frames in the selected animation sequence. This means all clips will be rendered.

  • All Clips as Separate Videos – Use this option to export all the clips in the chosen sequence as separate video files.

  • Clip – Select a specific clip to render. Only this clip will be outputted.

  • Frame, Time or Timecode – Define a range to output. You can output a range of frames, time in minutes and seconds (MM:SS) or in Timecode (MM:SS:FF).

Click Render to create the output.

Open Output – Click this button to view the output (output must be created first) in your default browser.

Open Browser – Open the Gnome Cloud Browser.

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Last modified: Oct 11, 2022