Pano2VR 7.1 Docs / Default View

Setting the Default View

The term, default view, is used to describe the initial view of a panorama when it is opened.

Do any of the following to set the default view.

  • In the Viewer, rotate the panorama to the desired view/angle. Then right-click in the Viewer and choose Set Default View.

  • In Viewing Parameters, spin the panorama to the desired view, and click Set in the Default View Settings.

★ Note that there are a few types of “views” for panoramas. The default view is what a panorama opens up to when directly opened (i.e. a menu). If a panorama is opened from another panorama (i.e. from a hotspot), most of the time, the Target View is used. The Target View is set when linking panoramas to create a tour and it sets where the panorama should open after coming from another panorama.

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Last modified: Jun 28, 2022