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Introduction to Using Variables

Variables are powerful tools that help simplify automation within a skin.

A variable is like a bucket that stores information that can be later referenced. The variable can be named anything you like but usually represents the information that it’s storing. Variables in Pano2VR can be a word/text, a number, or true/false. Once you name a variable and then give it a value, you can use actions and triggers to either change the value stored in the variable or to check the value.

In the tutorials below, you’ll learn how to use each type of variable.

Create an Image Slideshow – Number Variable

Learn how to create a slideshow within a panorama using number variables.

Change the Language in Text Boxes – Text Variable

Learn how to change the language of text boxes using text variables. (★ This tutorial was created with version 6. Version 7 now has translation support and therefore does not require this workflow. However, this workflow might be useful for small language changes.)

Toggle between Hotspot and Thumbnail Navigation – True/False Variable

Learn how to use the true/false variables in the Skin Editor. You learn how to use them within a logic blocks added to buttons that toggle between hotspot and thumbnail navigation.

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Last modified: Feb 23, 2022