Pano2VR 7.1 Docs / Command Line

Command Line

This article describes the current command line options for Pano2VR.

pano2vr [-x] [-t <filename.p2vr>] <input file> <input file> ... 

-x: This option executes the following input files. If the input file is a .p2vr file the result is the same as hitting the Generate Output button.

-t <filename.p2vr>: This option selects a .p2vr file as a template. For all subsequent input images a Generate Output is executed on this image. The input section in the template file is ignored.

--createtour: With this option, all input images are assembled into a single tour instead of processing the images one by one

--autolink: Try to automatically link the nodes of a tour if GPS data is present in EXIF/XMP data

--nogui: Suppress focus for the main GUI

--createprojectfile: Store the project file with the input image(s)

<input file>: This can be an image or file format supported as an input for Pano2VR. Support Formats

Last modified: Jun 3, 2024