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Before and After Tours Using Multiple View States

Learn how to create a Pano2VR project that can switch between night and day scenes or before and after scenes or even the changing seasons.

The first step is that you’ll need to shoot the panoramas from the same location and direction. Once those images have been taken, prepare your images, and then load them in to Pano2VR.

When a scene changes, we are changing the View State. So, this tutorial will use View State or State which also refers to a scene and changing scenes. In the example below, each group is a state.

View the original tutorial and download the example project. It’s more detailed and has images!

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Prepare the Project

  1. Create a project folder.

  2. Add subfolders for each set of states. For example, for each year.

  3. Create a naming convention. For each year, we have 4 panoramas and the convention could be: winter_2020, winter_2019, winter_2018; spring_2020, spring_2019, spring 2018, etc.).

  4. Organize each panorama into its corresponding folder.

  5. Open Pano2VR. Save the project to the main project folder you created earlier.

  6. Drag in each subfolder to the Tour Browser to import the images.

  7. Build the tour by linking the nodes for the first year.

  8. Select the first node, open List View and copy the point hotspot in List View.

  9. Select the first node of the other years and paste the point hotspot in List View. This pastes the point hotspots in the exact location for all of the first panoramas.

  10. Because of the copying, the linking may need to be corrected. Go back and make sure all year 1 panoramas are link to only year 1 panoramas.

  11. Add Project User Data by entering the Master Node. Select the first panorama of the first state. Open the User Data panel and click, Edit Project User Data.

  12. For Custom ID, add the placeholder, $(n). This will add the filename of each node for the Custom Node ID.

  13. Exit out of the Master Node, by clicking on node one again.

  14. In User Data, for Source add the first part of the file name.

  15. Select all the first panoramas from the other states in the Tour Browser and then click the Copy button next to Source to apply to those panoramas.

  16. Repeat for the other nodes.

Make it work in the Skin

  1. Add some buttons that will change the states to the skin.

  2. Give them the follow action:

    Source: Mouse Click

    Action: Open Next Panorama

    URL: {$(us)_2010}

    View: Forward

  3. Add a point hotspot template with the action:

    Source: Mouse Click

    Action: Open Next Panorama

    URL: Hotspot URL

    View: Target view

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Last modified: Feb 18, 2022