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Collection of Components Tutorials

Use the Skin Editor to create and design interactive overlays.

On our forum, Hopki has opened a place for everyone to share skin components with detailed how-tos on how to use and build them.

Thumbnail Menu with Categories

This component will let you create nested menus. And the video below will show you how to work with it. The second video goes into the details of how nested cloners work to achieve the nested menus.

3D Arrow Hotspots


The 3D Arrow Hotspots are Street View style navigation buttons that include a popup thumbnail of the connected node. This component was added to the built-in components in Pano2VR 6 beta 4. You can see them in action here.

The original buttons have a preview that spins in space with the panorama. If you’d rather have the preview always face forward, then check out this post by Hopki to download the component and learn how to use it.

You can also download another version of this component. This one incorporates a move to view action so that when you click on the hotspot, the panorama will spin towards the direction of the hotspot before transitioning to the next node. Check it out here.

Map Pin with Radar

Learn how to use the Map Pin with Radar component.

Gallery Component

Volume Component

Text to Speech

Use this component to help make your project accessible. This will allow screen readers to read text from text fields and alternative text from images.

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Last modified: May 25, 2021