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Organizing in Pano2VR

A project can easily start to amass a number of files and media from skin files to pinned images to patches. Pano2VR helps to keep all files together and orderly.

File Organization

When outputting a Web Output project, Pano2VR will by default output all the project files to a folder called, output. Everything you need for publishing your project will be contained in this folder.

If the project contains assets, like pinned videos and audio, Pano2VR can consolidate those files into a single folder. This makes a project easy to archive or share.

When a project opens and Pano2VR cannot locate files, you will have the chance to locate them.

Tags and Filtering

Tags can be assigned to each node in a tour. Then, you can filter using those tags. For example, if you have a tour of a house with a few images in each room, you can give each of the Kitchen images the tag, kitchen. Then, in the Tour Browser you would filter for that tag to show only images with the kitchen tag.

Components Toolbox

The components toolbox is a storage place for components (skin elements). They can be organized into folders, filtered and tagged, and also shared.

Naming Conventions

We recommend using a naming convention for your file paths and IDs that use only the following characters:

  • Letters, A to Z, upper or lower case
  • Numbers 0 to 9
  • hyphens (-) and underscores ( _ )

The use of other characters could result in unintended behavior.

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Last modified: Aug 8, 2022