Pano2VR 7.1 Docs / Prepare the Images

Prepare the Images

Once your images have been added to a Pano2VR project, the next step would be to prepare them for viewing, linking, and outputting.

Pano2VR uses the data that is already embedded in the image, like GPS, Exif, and leveling information. But, sometimes some or all of these are missing. To build a tour, you may need location data. If you want your one-shot pictures to not wobble when they spin, you’ll need to make sure they’re level.

First, you might want to adjust the default view for your images. This is the angle that the panorama opens up to – the first thing you’ll see.

If your images are taken with a one-shot camera (Theta, GoPro Max, Insta360 One, etc.), you might find your horizons to be slanted. Fix horizons in the Viewer.

You can add metadata to the images, like time and date or copyright. This data can be used in the skin or even in the outputted HTML page.

If you are building a tour, you may need location data. If GPS was not recorded at the time of shooting, you can manually add the location in Pano2VR.

Last modified: Jun 30, 2022