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Garden Gnome Package

The Garden Gnome Package (GGPKG) is a package format for offline viewing and for content management systems to easily embed your projects into websites.

Use the Garden Gnome Package to view projects offline with our package viewers:

Upload the package to a WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal website to embed projects using our plugins.

The package can be created a few ways and are described below:

Create a Garden Gnome Package

  1. Add a Web output.
  2. Click the Generate Garden Gnome Package button to output the project.

Generate Garden Gnome Package
Generate Garden Gnome Package

✭ Any assets added to the Web Output will also be included in the package. This is useful for when you need to bring external files into the package.

Create a Droplet that exports a Garden Gnome Package

Droplets are tools that automate the project building for you. Here, you can a droplet that will export a package file.

  1. Add n Web output.
  2. In the HTML panel, choose ggpkg.ggt as the HTML template.
  3. When finished setting up the output, go to the Toolbar and choose File > Save as Droplet….

Once the package is created, you can open it in one of the viewers mentioned above or upload it to a CMS.

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Last modified: Apr 27, 2021