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Create a Little Planet Image

The Little Planet image is a stereographic projection that, that when manipulated in a way, resembles a photo of a tiny planet. Learn how to make one below.
  1. Import your Equirectangular image into Pano2VR.

  2. Open the Output Panel and add a Transformation output.

  3. In the Transformation panel, change the projection type to Stereographic.

  4. [Optional] To make it easier to see, detach the preview:

    1. Right-click in the preview image of the Output panel.
    2. Choose Detach.
    3. In the detached window, right-click and choose, Stay on top. This will keep the preview window on top of the main window.
  5. In the Preview section, deselect Use default view. Now the sliders below will become adjustable.

  6. Adjust the FoV slider to zoom out a bit.

  7. Adjust the Tilt slider until you begin to see a little planet form. ✭ Tip: To create a tunnel effect, move the Tilt slider in the opposite direction.

  8. Use the Pan to rotate the image and then, perhaps, the FoV slider again to fill in any empty space.

Print the Planet

  1. Set the image size so something large enough for printing, like 5000 x 5000. Little Planets are generally a 1:1 ratio.
  2. Set the Output image format (JPEG, TIFF, PNG) in the Output section.
  3. Click the Generate Output button at the top of the panel.

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Last modified: Jan 14, 2022