FFmpeg is a free software project that produces libraries and programs for handling multimedia data. Pano2VR can use FFmpeg to create poster frames for videos.

You’ll know if FFmpeg has not been installed if you cannot select Generate Video File in the Animation settings.


Use the links below to download FFmpeg:


  1. Add the contents of the ZIP that was downloaded to your Program Files or Applications folder (or where you like to keep these things).

  2. Open Pano2VR and go to the FFmpeg tab in Settings/Preferences.

  3. Click Choose and navigate to the ffmpeg.exe file on Windows and on Mac the ffmpeg file. Select the file and click Open to enter its path.


Installing FFMpeg with Homebrew – macOS

Homebrew is a package manager, accessed via the Terminal, that can streamline the installation process for apps.

  1. Install Homebrew. Follow the instructions here.
  2. After installation, install FFmpeg, by running (type), brew install ffmpeg in Terminal. Homebrew will put FFmpeg in its own directory.
  3. In Pano2VR, open the Preferences. In the FFmpeg tab, add /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg
  4. Done.

Remember to run updates as outlined here.

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