Skin Actions Examples

Here you'll find a few examples of common actions. You can assign actions to any element in the skin editor.

All examples are added to skin elements.

To enable a fullscreen toggle button

To show a loading bar in each panorama in a tour

Assign this action to the loading bar element (or container):

Use a button to move an element to a specific position

Assign this action, which will move the element 10 pixels down, to the button:

  • Source = Mouse Click
  • Action = Position
  • Type = Set Element Position
  • Offset = X=0; Y=10
  • Target = the element to be moved

To move the element back, add another action using the same criteria but for the X and Y offset, use 0/0.

To have a timer hide an element

  • Source = Deactivate (to hide the element once the timer times out)
  • Action = Visibility
  • Type = Hide Element
  • Target = Element to hide

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Last modified: Apr 15, 2022