Pano2VR 7 beta Released

Finally! We are excited to get Version 7 into your hands! This release is a beta release, meaning it’s fully functional but there could be a few lingering issues.

There are too many features and changes to list here, but the video below highlights all the major ones. You can also find your way to the Pano2VR 7 page to learn more about the latest features.

In short, we added 7 new built-in skins, translation support, new skin elements for PDFs and Code, added the ability to track hotspots, and added support for Lottie animations. Additionally, we added custom keyboard shortcuts, Live Update to the output, support for subtitles, and more. Check it all out:

Watch on YouTube

We made extensive changes to the Skin Editor as well. Rather than list all the changes here you can read them on the changelog or watch the following video where Martin takes you through the major changes:

Watch on YouTube

Eventually, we will start up our weekly webinar sessions to show you how to use all the new features. Keep an eye out for our announcements via this blog, the newsletter, the forum, the Pano2VR Facebook group, or Twitter.

License and Download

A new Pano2VR 6 pro license includes a free upgrade to Pano2VR 7. If you already have version 6 or an older license of Pano2VR and would like to upgrade, log in to your account to see what options are available to you. If you purchased your license from a reseller, you will need to purchase the upgrade from them. (You may have noticed there is no light version. With version 7, we will have a single version of Pano2VR to streamline our product line-up.)

Download here and follow the instructions to install and activate.