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January 25, 2023
Epson Pano Awards early bird entries are open! And Pano2VR 7.0.2 is out with a bunch of fixes. Check for updates!
Pano2VR 7.0
December 6, 2022
Pano2VR 7.0 ships with new skins, translation features, new hotspots, search in the skin, cloud hosting and a lot more!
Pano2VR 7 beta 6 release
November 14, 2022
In this beta release, we've fixed many issues, but also added support for local files embedded in the skin and lazy loading for skin images.
January 26, 2022
The beta release of Pano2VR 7 is now available. Updated skins, support for PDFs, support for translations, tracking hotspots, support for subtitles, and more have been added.
June 17, 2021
Today we released Pano2VR 6.1.13 which fixes issues with iOS and iPadOS 14. We also want you to know that entries are open for this year's Pano Awards!
Blog Image_6_1_11
February 23, 2021
Pano2VR 6.1.11 mostly fixes issues and adds a small improvement.
October 13, 2020
Pano2VR 6.1.10 is out! In this release, we added a new thumbnail component, improved a few existing features and fixed a few issues.
Blog Image_6_1_9
August 4, 2020
Pano2VR 6.1.9 is now available with a new component for accessibility and some bug fixes.
May 13, 2020
Pano2VR 6.1.6 is available. It's a minor update that fixes a few bugs adds a new feature, and adds support for WebXR. Also, be sure to submit your images to the Epson International Pano Awards.
Featured image for Webinars and Pano2VR 6.5.1. post
April 14, 2020
Join us for our weekly webinars. Learn how to create a responsive skin and how to implement maps and floor plans in your projects. Also, Pano2VR 6.1.5 is available.
October 23, 2019
Pano2VR 6.1.1, which fixes a few issues, has been released today.
October 1, 2019
We’re happy to announce that Pano2VR 6.1 has been released. With this update we’ve added support for WebVR, the ability to import Panotour Pro projects, native support for Stereo Panoramas, custom hotspot images. Read on to see what else has been added.
Embedded Video
June 24, 2019
Pano2VR 6.0.5 fixes a few bugs and updates the built-in skins and some components. We also have a new tutorial for embedding videos in your panoramas.
Floor Plan in Map
March 25, 2019
We have 2 updates today which are mostly maintenance releases with a few new features. We also released a few tutorials.
December 19, 2018
Today, we’re releasing Pano2VR 6.0.2 and with it, snow. For the holiday season, you can add a little interest to your e-holiday cards with falling snow. It’s quite simple to implement using Pano2VR light or Pano2VR pro: Import your panorama. Add a skin. Open the components toolbox and find the Effect Snow component in the Built-In category. Add it to...
November 28, 2018
Today seems like a good day for an update. We hope this news finds you well. We have released Pano2VR 6.0.1, which is just a minor bug fix release which includes the following fixes plus other various fixes. Fixed an issue where iOS users’ panoramas wouldn’t spin properly if interacted with during a transition. Fixed an issue where...
November 20, 2018
The final, stable version of Pano2VR 6.0 is now ready! If you haven’t been following the beta development, then let us give you a recap. We first released 6.0 as a beta back in March 2018, and with it we added: Floor plans Custom maps An updated Tour Map An improved Skin Editor A new Animation Editor 360º video playback in the Viewer Over...
October 24, 2018
Today we’re releasing our final beta for Pano2VR 6. Beta 5 comes with a lot of fixes and a few added features. Nested Cloners Cloners are used primarily for building menus in the Skin Editor. When you draw a cloner over a node image, it clones that node image element and includes all the thumbnails of all...
September 18, 2018
We’re getting closer! Today we’ve released Pano2VR 6 beta 4. This adds quite a few features and fixes a ton of bugs. We’ve changed a few things to the interface and added a highly requested feature. Without further ado… 3D Arrow Hotspots In the Components Toolbox, you’ll now find the highly anticipated Street View style hotspots with extra...
April 12, 2018
Beta 2 for version 6 is out and is mainly a bugfix release. But, we did sneak at least one new feature in there. You can now save the credentials for multiple accounts for Google Street View. Connect each account just as you have done before, by using the Grant Access button. You can then view...

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