Blog O4b2
November 24, 2023
This update fixes many issues that cropped up in beta 1, and a few new features were added: drag and drop hotspots, convenience features, highlighting hotspots in the Light Table, and more. 
4 men standing a table listening to one of the men is talk about Pano2VR.
November 7, 2023
October was busy! So this is an update of all that happened which includes a book release, awards, solar eclipses, conferences, oh and an upcoming webinar for Object2VR.
September 12, 2023
Object2VR 4 beta is out! A big change with a new interface, skin editor and more camera and turntable support.
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Create virtual tours for desktop and mobile devices by using a single responsive design. Convert your panoramic images into interactive 360º panoramas.


Object2VR takes an image series of an object (or subject) from multiple angles and positions and from them creates interactive 360º object movies.