Gnome Greetings 2023

It’s been a busy year, and this is our round-up! Our biggest news item of the year was our release of Object2VR 4 beta! We added updates to Pano2VR 7, continued our free webinars, and got to attend a few conferences.

Pano2VR 7 and Object2VR 4

We’ve made a number of updates to Pano2VR 7 this year and have more updates planned for 2024. We are currently working on Pano2VR 7.1, which will bring generative AI patching, updates to the VR output, and more. 

This year, we finally released an update to Object2VR, which has a brand new user interface and a powerful new Skin Editor and has added support for the Nodal Ninja Mecha and the MIOPS Capsule Pro turntables.

Webinars and Documentation

We’ve done a few live webinars to help users get started with the Object2VR 4 beta update, and we are planning on more in 2024. The next Object2VR webinar will be in January. If you’d like to be notified when we announce our webinars, you can sign up for the webinar newsletter here.

Our other webinars were for Pano2VR, which included building skins for VR and learning how to debug your skins.

The documentation pages got a complete overhaul with an update to the Hugo component. That means you’ll see a cleaner design, section links, better interaction with the index, and an added Table of Contents and list of Tags. These last two are helpful in trying to find that one article you’re looking for.

The pages have also been reorganized with the hope that topics are more easily found. You can see this new organization with the Object2VR 4 beta documentation. An update to the Pano2VR 7 docs with the new organization will happen soon. 


It was invigorating to reconnect with fellow panorama and VR enthusiasts at VR Oslo in Norway, The 360 Event in Rome, and AWE EU 2023 in Vienna! Meeting some of you in person was the highlight, turning our shared passion into real-world connections. It was an experience that blended learning and enjoyment seamlessly, leaving us inspired and grateful for the talented community we are a part of.

Best Wishes

Finally, we’d like to leave you with an incredible drone panorama of Austria’s Dürnstein and the Wachau valley. It was taken by our talented Senior Developer and Photographer, Christoph Stummer.

This project features the built-in Effect Snow component. You’ll find it in the Components Toolbox in the Misc. category.

We Gnomes wish you all a wonderful holiday season, and we are looking forward to delighting you in 2024!