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Object2VR 4 Released

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of the stable version of Object2VR 4!

In September 2023, we released the first beta of Object2VR 4. That beta delivered a new user interface, a powerful new Skin Editor, translations, more hotspot types, and the option to upload projects to our cloud service, Gnome Cloud.

Those familiar with Pano2VR will recognize the Skin Editor. You can apply all your knowledge and experience of Pano2VR’s Skin Editor to Object2VR’s. 

What’s New

Since the initial beta release, we’ve added the following features:

  • View States Menu with the Cloner
  • Tilt, Pan, Zoom Logic BlockTriggers
  • Backup to Folder
  • Titles for States
  • Drag Polygon Hotspots
  • Convert Input
  • Skin action: Set Column/Row

With this release, we added

  • Support for WebP on output


We also held webinars for Object2VR 4 to get you started! Learn how to build a controller and create hotspot popups in the new Skin Editor, as well as how to work with Polygon Hotspots and connect them to skin elements.

More Object2VR webinars are planned, so stay tuned or subscribe to our webinar newsletter (at the bottom of the page) to learn when the next webinar will be available.

Also, check out the new documentation pages. The User Guide pages will help you learn how to do specific tasks in Object2VR, while the Workspace pages detail all the settings and options you’ll find throughout the software.


If you already have an Object2VR 3 license and want to upgrade, log in to your account to see the options available.

The upgrade price depends on when you purchased and how many users have been added to your license. For example, if you bought a license on or after January 1, 2023, your upgrade is free

If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us at We read every email and will respond to you as soon as possible.

Download Object2VR 4 here and follow these instructions to install and activate.