Introduction to Object2VR 4 | Adding Popups

2024-01-31 17:00 CET

In this Object2VR 4 webinar, learn about Object2VR’s new, powerful Skin Editor. We show you how to create custom popups using Variables and Custom Properties.

We highly recommend watching our last webinar, Building a Controller, which introduced Actions, Placeholders, and Logic Blocks. We will also use these features in this webinar and assume everyone is familiar with them.


00:00:00 – Introduction

00:00:16 – Start

00:01:44 – Create an information popup

00:04:37 – Applying the Skin Variable to a Logic Block to show and hide a skin element

00:06:07 – Using a helper text box

00:07:59 – Open Info box and other elements

00:16:47 – Q&A

00:17:02 – Building a Popup Image Hotspot

00:21:28 – Stepping back. Adding Custom Properties to add information to Info Popup Box

00:26:18 – Back to the Image Popup

00:39:21 – Create a blurred background

00:41:29 – Cleaning up the project

00:41:46 – Scaling the image for responsiveness

00:42:57 – Styling the skin

00:45:13 – Adding another image popup

00:50:25 – Adding custom properties to hotspots | Building a “visited hotspot” icon

00:54:24 – Adding Video and PDF popups

01:14:54 – Hiding the hotspot icons when opening a popup

01:16:01 – Add a button that toggles the hotspots on and off

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