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Next Webinar and Pano2VR 7.0.4

Building Skins for VR

We are due for another webinar; this time, we’ll focus on building skins for VR. Version 7 brought more support for skin elements for WebXR and a different approach to how the skins are applied. 

So, join us next month to learn the best workflows for building VR skins in Pano2VR:

Register here

Pano2VR 7.0.4 Released

This release, like 7.0.3, mainly fixes several issues, including polygon hotspots disappearing when changing nodes and the 3D floating cursor not floating when used in a CMS and the package format.

We added another keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+K or Command-Option-K) that lets you move between Pano2VR’s main window and the Skin Editor for the current web output’s skin.

ARIA content and the file paths added to the External Image Loader will now be added to the skin’s translation file. 

And finally, for video panoramas, we added an audio level setting and a file converter to create alternative files. 

Notable fixes:

  • Has Sound trigger now detects sounds in 360 video panoramas
  • Polygon hotspots no longer hide after exiting the node they are in
  • 3D Floating Cursor floats again in CMS posts using GGPKG
  • The Start Node is loaded before outputting to prevent a black preview frame

See the full list of changes.
To update, go to Help > Check for Updates in Pano2VR 7. Or download the update directly and install it manually.