Pinning Video to a Panorama

Use the Video Mode to pin video in a panorama.

To pin a video do the following:

  1. In the Viewer, open the Viewer Modes and select the Video mode.

  2. Double-click anywhere within the image to add the video, or drag the video to the Viewer.
    A dialog will pop up.

  3. Navigate to the video and click, Open.

  4. Choose to have a preview file or not.

    You’ll be asked if you want Pano2VR to create a preview of the video for you. If you choose yes, Pano2VR will create a preview file that will be used in the panorama player as a poster image before the video is started. This way, if the video is not fully loaded, at least there is something there and not a black “hole”. If you’ve chosen to create a preview file, name that file and select a location for it.

    If your video has audio, the audio field of the video will be visible:

    Video element with Sound Field

  5. In the Properties Panel, add an Alternative File in the case that the main file cannot be played by the browser.

  6. Adjust the audio if needed.

  7. Adjust the video to the panorama by doing one or all of the following:

    → Click on the center icon and drag to move the entire element into position.

    → Drag on the handles (red corner dots), to match it to it’s environment.

    → Click the top arrow and drag in a vertical motion to rotate the element on the horizontal axis.

    → Click on the left arrow and drag in a vertical motion to rotate the element on its vertical axis.

    → Click and drag on the center arrow in a vertical motion to rotate the element on its central axis.

    ✭ Tip: If, for example, trying to fit the video within a TV set, use the Vertical Stretch option to fit it vertically.
    ✭ Tip: Hold down Control (Win) or Command (Mac) while dragging the positioning arrows for a more precise placement.

  8. (Optional) Enter -1 for Loop to prevent the video from playing back at loading.

  9. Choose a Click Mode.

  10. Output the panorama and test the result.

To remove the video, do any of the following:

  • Select the video in the Viewer (it will then be red) and hit the delete key. Poof!

  • In List View, select the video and either hit the delete key or click the “x” to the right.

    ★ Tip: Use the History page to go back and undo a deleted hotspot.

Copy and paste pinned videos by first making sure the pinned video you want to copy is active (red) and then right-click anywhere in the Viewer and choose Copy Active Media Element. Right-click anywhere in the Viewer and again and select Paste Media Element to paste. You can also copy and paste pinned videos in the List View panel.

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