Patching the Nadir

The most common use for the patch tool is for retouching the nadir (down shot). You can extract just a portion of the nadir, retouch that extracted image in your image editor and then update the patch.

To extract an image patch for retouching:

  1. Choose the Patch Mode from the Viewer modes.

  2. Move the panorama to the location you’d like to patch. For example, the nadir, to remove the tripod.

  3. Double-click the panorama to add the patch.

    You can move the patch by dragging its center and rotate the patch by clicking on the red circular arrow in the center and drag up or down. The patch will snap to the nadir as you fine tune the position.

  4. Choose Image as the Type.

  5. Choose your preferred file format. If you’ve chosen JPEG, then you can also choose the image quality.

  6. Click Extract.

  7. The patch will open in your default image editor. Retouch the patch and save it. The patch will automatically update in the Viewer.

Job done.

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