Text Properties

Text Fields are for adding text to the skin. You can use basic HTML tags to format the text, or use CSS.


Background – Select, Enabled to show the background of the text box.

  • Color – Use the color picker to choose a color for the background.

Border – The border or outline of the text box.

  • Width – Defines how wide the border will be.

  • Radius – Increasing this number will round the corners of the rectangle

  • Color – Choose a color for the border.


Text – Add your text for the text box here. HTML tags can be used.

Insert Placeholder – Click to insert placeholders in the textbox. Placeholders are used to take information from other parts of Pano2VR and show it elsewhere. For example, if you wanted the text box to show the title of a panorama, you would add the placeholder, $(ut). This placeholder takes the information added to the Title field in User Data and applies it here.

Color – Change the color of the text.

Font – Deselect Default to customize the font’s size and weight.

  • Size – Change the font size.

  • Weight – Change the font weight.

Align – Align the text within the box to the left, right, or center.

  • Word Wrap – When selected, will wrap the text to the next line.

  • Auto Size – Select this to automatically size the box around the text.

  • Evaluate – Select this if JavaScript is being used in the text box above. This is useful for calling up any information found within your project.

Padding – Adds space between the text and text border.

  • Top/Bottom – Set the amount of padding in pixels to the top and bottom of the Text Box.

  • Left/Right – Set the amount of padding in pixels to the left and right sides of the Text Box.

  • Link Values – Select to link the padding values.

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