Node Image Element

Use the Node Image Element to easily add thumbnail images from the current tour. This is especially useful for creating galleries or buttons from the images. Use this in conjunction with the Cloner to build a tour menu or gallery.

Click in the canvas to add an image. A placeholder will appear. Go to the Node Image panel to choose the node.

Pano2VR Pro Only


Format – Choose which format (PNG, JPEG with Alpha or JPEG) the image should be converted to.

Quality – When JPEG is chosen as the format, you can adjust the quality of the image here.

Node Image

Tour Node – Select a node from the menu.

Projection – Choose a projection for the thumbnail. Select Use default view to use the defined default view.

Pan – The position of the image on the horizontal axis.

Tilt – This is the position of the image on the vertical axis.

Roll – The rotation of the image around the central axis.

FoV – The area of the image that is visible – also described as Zoom. Scroll up and down to zoom in and out, creating a narrow or wide field of view.

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