Create Tooltips

A tooltip is “a contextual popup that displays a description for an element.” –
Tooltips have many uses in panoramas. They can be a way to describe something (e.g. painting) in the image, to help direct the user in a tour to the next panorama, etc.


To create simple tooltips:

  1. Add a point hotspot.

  2. In the Properties, select Info as the hotspot’s Type.

  3. Enter text in the Title field. This will be your tooltip text.
    ★ Tip: You can use basic HTML tags here.

  4. Open the Output panel.

  5. Add an HTML5 output format.

  6. Choose a skin (i.e. silhouette or simplex) from the skin menu.

    These skins have hotspot templates which will apply an image and text box to the hotspot. If no skin is added, or skin with no hotspot template is applied, then you will see the default hotspot image (a red dot) instead.

    If you do not have a skin or use a skin without a hotspot template, then you can customize the text box in the Hotspots pane of the HTML5 settings in the Output panel.

  7. Output the project and test.

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