Linking to Nodes

Polygon Hotspots can be used to link nodes in a tour.
★ Pano2VR pro only

  1. Change the Viewer mode to Polygon Hotspot.
  2. Draw the hotspot.
  3. In the hotspot properties, choose Tour Node for the Type.
  4. (Optional) Add a Title. You can provide a custom title or use the title from the connecting node’s User Data. This will appear as a tooltip when the mouse hovers over the hotspot. The tooltip can be customized in the HTML5 Output Settings.

    Polygon Hotspot Title

  5. For Link Target URL, choose the node the hotspot should link to.

  6. Choose the opening view of the node by clicking the bullseye (Target Viewing Parameters button). In the window that pops up, spin the panorama to the preferred location. This will be translated into a number in the text field: pan/tilt/field of view.

    Target Viewing Parameters

  7. [Optional] Deselect Use Default to give the hotspot a custom color. Each polygon hotspot can have its own color. Or they can use the default background and border color which is defined in the HTML5 Output Settings.

  8. Output and test the project.

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