Pinning Images

Images can be easily pinned to the panorama with correct distortion.

  1. Select the Images mode either by selecting in the Viewer or by using the keyboard shortcut I.

  2. Double-click in the Viewer to add the image.

    A dialog will appear. Navigate to your image and click Open. Once added, a transparent version of the image will appear.

    pinned image

    ✭ The image will be at its original transparency on output. It is only transparent in the media editor to help aid placing and positioning.

  3. Adjust the image to the panorama by doing one or all of the following:

    → Click on the center icon and drag to move the entire element into position.

    → Drag on the handles (red corner dots), to match it to its environment.

    → Click the top arrow and drag in a vertical motion to move the element forward or backwards on the horizontal axis.

    → Click on the left arrow and drag in a vertical motion to move the element on its vertical axis.

    → Click and drag on the center arrow in a vertical motion to rotate the element.

  4. In the image properties, choose a Click Mode.

    Pop out 100% – This will animate the image to come forward and fill the window. The next click will return the image to its original position.

    Pop out normal – This will pop the image out to its original size which could extend beyond the window.

✭ Copy and paste pinned images by right-clicking in the viewer with a pinned image active, and then choose Copy Active Media Element. Right-click anywhere in the panorama and select Paste Media Element to paste.

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