Pano2VR Keyboard Shortcuts

Below are all the keyboard shortcuts found in Pano2VR.

Description macOS Windows
New Project ⌘N Ctrl+N
New Window ⌥⌘N
Open Project ⌘O Ctrl+O
Save Project ⌘S Ctrl+S
Save Project As ⇧⌘S Ctrl+Shift+S
Close Window ⌘W Ctrl+W
Quit/Exit Application ⌘Q Ctrl+Q
Go to Default View ⇧⌘U Ctrl+Shift+U
Set Default View ⌘U Ctrl+U
Generate Output ⌥⌘G Ctrl+Alt+G
Open Skin Editor ⌘K Ctrl+K
Next Panorama ⌘],⇧⌘N Ctrl+], Ctrl+Shift+N
Previous Panorama ⌘[,⇧⌘P Ctrl+[, Ctrl+Shift+P
Hide Panels ⌥⇥ Ctrl+Tab
Play/Pause Animation Space Space
Begin Animation PgUp
End Animation PgDown
Animation Mute ⌘M Ctrl+M
Viewing Parameters ⌥⇧A Alt+Shift+A
Tour Browser ⌥⇧T Alt+Shift+T
Properties ⌥⇧P Alt+Shift+P
User Data ⌥⇧U Alt+Shift+U
List View ⌥⇧L Alt+Shift+L
Viewer Settings ⌥⇧S Alt+Shift+S
Tour Map ⌥⇧M Alt+Shift+m
Input ⌥⇧I Alt+Shift+I
Output ⌥⇧O Alt+Shift+O
Google Street View ⌥⇧G Alt+Shift+G
History ⌥⇧H Alt+Shift+H
Overview ⌥⇧V Alt+Shift+V
Element Panorama X X
Element Patches A A
Element Point Hotspots P P
Element Sounds S S
Element Images I I
Element Videos V V
Elment Lens Flare F F
Window State Standard ⌥1 Alt+1


Description macOS Windows
Set North N N
Level L L
Turn Around Z Z
Follow Hotspot (Point and Polygon) Option-click the hotspot Alt+Click the hotspot
Open Target Viewing Parameters (Point and Polygon) Command-click the hotspot Ctrl+Click the hotspot

Patch Mode

Adding patches in the Viewer:

Description macOS Windows
Add a Blurred Circle ⇧+Double-Click Shift+Double-Click
Add a Blurred Square ⇧⌘+Double-Click Shift+Ctrl+Double-Click
Add a Blurred Cover ⌥⇧+Double-Click Shift+Alt+Double-Click

Skin Editor

Description macOS Windows
New ⌘N Ctrl+N
Open ⌘O Ctrl+O
Save ⌘S Ctrl+S
Save As ⇧⌘S Ctrl+Shift+S
New Window ⇧⌘N Ctrl+Shift+N
Close Window ⌘W Ctrl+W
Hide In Canvas ⌘H Ctrl+H
Lock In Canvas ⌘L Ctrl+L
Expand Element ⇧⌘E Ctrl+Shift+E
Zoom In ⌘+ Ctrl+ +
Zoom Out ⌘- Ctrl+ –
Zoom Fit ⌘0 Ctrl+0
Zoom 100% ⌘1 Ctrl+1
Show Off-Canvas Elements ⇧⌘O Ctrl+Shift+O
Snap To Grid ⇧⌘G Ctrl+Shift+G
Snap to Guides ⇧⌘U Ctrl+Shift+U
Detatch Tree View ⌥⌘T Ctrl+Alt+T
Detatch Properties View ⌥⌘P Ctrl+Alt+P
Toggle Properties View ⌥⇥ Ctrl+Tab
Toggle Tree View ⌥⇧⇥ Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Compact Tree View ⇧⌘T Ctrl+Shift+T
Properties Solo Mode ⇧⌘P Ctrl+Shift+P
Show Actions ⇧⌘A Ctrl+Shift+A
Show Modifiers ⇧⌘M Ctrl+Shift+M
Live Preview ⇧⌘L Ctrl+Shift+L
Color Tool ⇧⌘C Ctrl+Shift+C
Components Toolbox ⇧⌘X Ctrl+Shift+X
Generate Output ⌥⌘G Ctrl+Alt+G
Element Select ⌘Q Ctrl+Q
Element Containter ⌘K Ctrl+K
Element Rectangle ⌘R Ctrl+R
Element Text ⌘T Ctrl+T
Element Image ⌘I Ctrl+I
Element Button ⌘B Ctrl+B
Element SVG ⌘G Ctrl+G
Element External Image ⌘E Ctrl+E
Element Scroll Area ⌘R Ctrl+R
Element Hotspot Template ⌘P Ctrl+P
Element Marker ⌘M Ctrl+M