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User Data

Use the User Data panel to add information about an node or image.

Object2VR User Data
Object2VR User Data

If more editing space is required, click the pencil button to open the Rich Text Editor.

If the images have Exif data, then some fields will be occupied with that data.

  • Title
  • Description
  • Author
  • Date and Time
  • Copyright
  • Source
  • Information
  • Comment

Custom Properties

If the project requires more user data fields, you can add them here. Click the plus button to add a custom property. A dialog appears where you define the parameters of the custom property:

Custom Property Parameters
Custom Property Parameters

The custom property is a variable that is used in the skin. For Type, choose from Text, Number, or True/False as the variable type.

Once a skin is opened from the Web Output, the variable created here will be added as a variable in the skin properties.

Custom Property for User Data added as a Skin Variable
Custom Property for User Data added as a Skin Variable

A custom property can also be created from an existing skin variable. Long press the plus button to create a custom value from a skin variable.

Right-click the label (description) of the custom property to change the default value and the description, and to delete the custom property.

Custom Property Context Menu
Custom Property Context Menu

Use the Copy button to copy the custom property to all nodes or to selected nodes in the Tour Browser.

Custom Property Copy to Nodes button
Custom Property Copy to Nodes button


Check out the following webinars on custom properties for more information and for inspiration on how to use them.

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Last modified: Dec 12, 2022