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Keyboard Shortcuts

A list of all keyboard shortcuts found in the main project window and the Skin Editor.

Below are all the default keyboard shortcuts. They can be customized in the settings.

Main Window

Description macOS Windows
New Project ⌘N Ctrl+N
Open Project ⌘O Ctrl+O
Save Project ⌘S Ctrl+S
Save Project As ⇧⌘S Ctrl+Shift+S
Close Window ⌘W Ctrl+W
Zoom In ⌘+ Ctrl+ +
Zoom Out ⌘- Ctrl+ –
Zoom Fit ⌘0 Ctrl+0
Zoom 100% ⌘1 Ctrl+1
Previous Column
Next Column
Previous Row
Next Row
Previous State
Next State
Show Ruler ⌘U Ctrl+U
Deselect All ⇧⌘A Ctrl+Shift+A
Go to Default View ⇧⌘U Ctrl+Shift+U
Set Default View ⌘U Ctrl+U
Skin Editor ⌘K Ctrl+K
Skin Editor (Current Output) ⌥⌘K Ctrl+Alt+K
Capture ⌥⇧C Alt+Shift+C
Hide Panels ⌥⇥ Ctrl+Tab
Properties ⌥⇧P Alt+Shift+P
Light Table ⇧⌘T Ctrl+Shift+t
Hotspots List ⌥⇧L Alt+Shift+L
Input ⌥⇧I Alt+Shift+I
Output ⌥⇧O Alt+Shift+O
History ⌥⇧H Alt+Shift+H
Overview ⌥⇧V Alt+Shift+V
Viewer Settings ⌥⇧S Alt+Shift+S
Window State Standard ⌥1 Alt+1

Skin Editor

Description macOS Windows
New ⌘N Ctrl+N
Open ⌘O Ctrl+O
Save ⌘S Ctrl+S
Save As ⇧⌘S Ctrl+Shift+S
New Window ⇧⌘N Ctrl+Shift+N
Close Window ⌘W Ctrl+W
Find ⌘F Ctrl+F
Find Warnings ⌥⌘F Ctrl+Alt+F
Hide In Canvas ⇧⌘H Ctrl+H
Lock In Canvas ⌘L Ctrl+L
Expand Element ⇧⌘E Ctrl+Shift+E
Zoom In ⌘+ Ctrl+ +
Zoom Out ⌘- Ctrl+ –
Zoom Fit ⌘0 Ctrl+0
Zoom 100% ⌘1 Ctrl+1
Show Off-Canvas Elements ⇧⌘O Ctrl+Shift+O
Snap To Grid ⇧⌘G Ctrl+Shift+G
Snap to Guides ⇧⌘U Ctrl+Shift+U
Detach Tree View ⌥⌘T Ctrl+Alt+T
Detach Properties View ⌥⌘P Ctrl+Alt+P
Toggle Properties View ⌥⇥ Ctrl+Tab
Toggle Tree View ⌥⇧⇥ Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Compact Tree View ⇧⌘T Ctrl+Shift+T
Properties Solo Mode ⇧⌘P Ctrl+Shift+P
Show Actions ⇧⌘A Ctrl+Shift+A
Show Modifiers ⇧⌘M Ctrl+Shift+M
Bring Main Window Forward ⌥⌘K Ctrl+Alt+K
Live Preview ⇧⌘L Ctrl+Shift+L
Color Tool ⇧⌘C Ctrl+Shift+C
Components Toolbox ⇧⌘X Ctrl+Shift+X
Generate Output ⌥⌘G Ctrl+Alt+G
Element Containter ⌘K Ctrl+K
Element Rectangle ⌘R Ctrl+R
Element Text ⌘T Ctrl+T
Element Image ⌘I Ctrl+I
Element Button ⌘B Ctrl+B
Element SVG ⌘G Ctrl+G
Element External Image ⌘E Ctrl+E
Element Scroll Area ⌘R Ctrl+R
Element Hotspot Template ⌘P Ctrl+P
Element Marker ⌘M Ctrl+M

General Shortcuts

These shortcuts are found throughout Pano2VR and are not customizable.

Description macOS Windows
Preferences/Settings ⌘,
Hide Pano2VR ⌘H
Hide Others ⌥⌘H
Quit/Exit Pano2VR ⌘Q Ctrl+Q
Undo ⌘Z Ctrl+Z
Redo ⇧⌘Z Shift+Ctrl+Z

Last modified: Aug 2, 2022