Object2VR 4 Docs / Glossary


A list of terms used throughout Pano2VR.


Actions are like a set of directions that are applied to any element added to the skin to create interactivity.


A component is a pre-defined skin element or group of skin elements.


A container is an invisible skin element used to group elements.

Default View

The default view is the project's initial opening view or angle.


A droplet is a small application that is used to batch convert images or batch create outputs.


Viewer elements include hotspots and pinned images, and Skin Elements include text boxes and hotspot templates.

Ghost Hotpspots

A ghost hotspot is a hotspot that is not yet activated in Pano2VR.


Hotspots are definable, interactive areas within the panorama.

Hotspot Proxy ID

A hotspot proxy ID is used to make a link between hotspots and skin elements and their actions.

Hotspot Template

A placeholder that links the Hotspot Image in the skin to the hotspot in the image.

Loading Bar

A loading bar is a set of graphical elements (or a single element) that is used to illustrate how much of the panorama has loaded.


A placeholder represents a value for content that will be filled in later.


A skin is a collection of text and graphical elements overlaid on the image.


Scalable Vector Graphics are an XML based 2D vector graphics format used in Pano2VR as skin elements.


This is a command generally used in an action for a skin element to show and hide or play and pause, for example.

View State

A view state is how the object appears at any time.


The z-index is a CSS property that is used to set the stacking order of elements in the skin.

Last modified: May 23, 2022