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Using the Package Viewer for Desktop

The Garden Gnome Package Viewer is a native desktop application that opens Pano2VR and Object2VR packages (GGPKG) for viewing content offline.

  1. Download the app. Once installed, you can create a desktop shortcut so you can drop package files on it.
  2. Output a package file.
  3. Open the package file in the Package Viewer by doing any of the following:
    • Double-click the package file or drop the file onto the desktop app
    • Open the app itself and select a file from within the app
    • Open the app itself and drag a package file or output folder to the app

Tip: [macOS only] Make a folder a package by renaming the folder, output_folder_name.ggpkgd. Note the “d” in the extension

Viewer Options

These options appear after double-clicking the drop-zone area (tan-colored area).

Open Fullscreen — Select to have the app open in fullscreen. On macOS, this will provide access to the toolbar and will give the ability to exit fullscreen and close the app. You can also use Command-Q to exit fullscreen. On Windows, click the Windows key, then right-click on the package icon in the Taskbar and choose close window.

Kiosk Mode — Select to open in fullscreen but in macOS, the toolbar will not be accessible. To exit use Command-Q. To exit Kiosk Mode on Windows, click the Windows key, then right-click on the package icon in the Taskbar and choose, Close window.

Close Button Component

A close button can be added to make it easier to hop out of the above modes. The component is currently found on the forum but will be bundled with the software in version 6.1.12.

To add the close button, add the component to the skin’s canvas. To change the button icon, add the new icon to the canvas. Resize and position it and then anchor as required. Next, copy the action from the component and paste it to the new button. Finally, delete the component from the skin.

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Last modified: Apr 29, 2021