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Adding Point Hotspots

Point Hotspots are points of interactivity within the project. Learn how to add them to your project.

To add a point hotspot:

  1. Open the Hotspots List.
  2. Click Create Point Hotspot. This will add a hotspot to the list and activate Point Hotspot Mode in the Viewer.
    Create Point Hotspot
    Create Point Hotspot
  3. With an image selected, double-click in Viewer to place the Point Hotspot.
  4. Choose the type of point hotspot and add any relevant data like Title, Description, URL, etc.

If the hotspot should be visible in all columns, select In all columns. Otherwise, the hotspot will only be visible on the image it’s been added to.

★ Depending on the source, the Skin-ID will be automatically populated for use in the Skin Editor. The Skin-ID is used in a hotspot template. The hotspot template provides the hotspot icon and skin actions.

Delete a Point Hotspot

  • To remove a hotspot from an image, select it and hit the Delete key.
  • To delete a hotspot entirely, click the “x” for that hotspot in the Hotspots List or right-click and choose, Delete.
  • To delete multiple point hotspots, Command-click (macOS) or Control-click (windows) each hotspot to delete, then right-click and choose Delete.


For Video URL source hotspots, add the web address of the video (if other than Vimeo or YouTube): https://www.example.com/myvideo.mp4.

If using Vimeo or YouTube, add the video’s URL: https://vimeo.com/159223909

URLs with timestamps are supported:

  • https://youtu.be/jC6GJ4FRq0M?t=67
  • https://vimeo.com/73214621#t=3m13s

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Last modified: Aug 27, 2023