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Built-in Popups

The simplist way to add popups to your project is to use the built-in skins or the the built-in components. Both require using Point Hotspots.

Using the Built-in Skins

  1. Add a Point Hotspot.

  2. In the hotspot properties, choose any of the types of the Point Hotspot.

  3. Enter a Title and if applicable (i.e Info type) add information text in the Description field.

  4. Open the Output panel and add a Web output.

  5. Add one of the built-in skins.

  6. Output the project.

    You’ll see an icon representing the point hotspot and when you click on it, a popup opens with the content used as the point hotspot type.

    If you want swap out the hotspot icon, check out how to create custom hotspot images.

Using the Built-in Components

  1. Add a Point Hotspot and define its Type.
  2. Add a new skin using the Edit Skin button or open one of your custom skins.
  3. In the Skin Editor, open the Components Toolbox.
  4. Choose any of the built-in categories. For this example, we’ll use Feather. Double-click Feather Box Point Hotspots to add the component to the skin.
  5. Save the skin.
  6. Add this skin to the Web Output.
  7. Save and export the project.

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Last modified: Aug 27, 2023