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Polygon Hotspot Properties

Here you'll find the properties for the polygon hotspots which are found in the Properties panel once a hotspot is added or selected.

The hotspot properties are found in the Properties Panel and will appear once a hotspot is added or selected.

Other settings, like hiding the hotspots, are found in the Web Output Settings.


The ID of the Hotspot which can be used in the Skin Editor.


Choose what the hotspot will do. What you choose here will affect the Link Target URL below.


Add the title of the hotspot here. This title will be visible (e.g. tooltip) when the mouse pointer hovers over the hotspot.


Enter a description of the hotspot here.

Link Target URL

Enter the web URL.


Add a target to specify where to open the website .


Choose the color of the polygon hotspot.

  • Use Default – Select to use the default colors defined in the Hotspots panel in the web output properties.

  • Background and Border – Click the colors to open a color palette and define new colors.

✭ The color changes are not visible in the Viewer.

Reuse Hotspot

If the hotspots should be visible on every image, select the appropriate choice(s):

  • in all columns
  • in all rows
  • in all states

Custom Properties

Click the plus button to add a custom property. A dialog appears where you define the parameters of the custom property:

Custom Property Parameters
Custom Property Parameters

The custom property is a variable that can be used in the skin. For Type, choose from Text, Number, or True/False as the variable type.

Once the variable is created here, it will be visible in the skin properties.

Custom User Data Property as a Skin Variable
Custom User Data Property as a Skin Variable

A custom property can also be created from existing skin variable. Long press the plus button to create a custom value from a skin variable.

Right-click the label of the custom property to change the default value and the description, and to delete the custom property.

Custom Property Context Menu
Custom Property Context Menu

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Last modified: Jun 29, 2023