Capture Panel

Use the Capture panel to control both the camera and turntable.


Camera — Choose the camera and then connect to the camera by clicking the Connect/Disconnect Camera button.

  • Camera Control – Once the camera is connected, this panel will open which will provide access to the camera’s settings. Use the Toggle Camera Control Panel button to show and hide the panel.

Turntable — Choose from one of the supported turntables in the list or choose manual for manual or unsupported turntables. Connect the table to Object2VR by clicking the Connect/Disconnect Turntable button.

  • Turntable Control — Controls for the turntable


Here, you’ll see an animation of the turntable rotating.

Capture Control

Use the capture control to start the capture with the camera, the turntable, or both.

Start Capture — Click to start rotating the turntable and taking pictures. Once this is pressed, the animation will appear. The turntable will continue to spin as the camera fires.

Pause — Click to pause the shoot. Click again to resume.

Single Step — Rotate the turntable step by step.

Abort Capture — Click to abort the capture.

Capture Log

The log shows you all that is happening. If there’s an issue with the connections, for example, check here for information. You can also keep an eye on your image-taking process here.

Open the capture log from the Window menu.

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Last modified: Jul 28, 2023