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Getting Started

The documents in this section outline the basic workflows, installation, and project set-ups.

Object2VR creates interactive object movies that are viewed in any web browser. An object movie is comprised of a series of images of an object taken from many different angles.

Object2VR takes these image sequences and adds them to an interactive viewer which can have hotspots and zoom capabilities.

Object2VR Basic Workflow

  1. Open Object2VR.
  2. Set up the project dimensions and import or capture images.
  3. Modify the movie’s viewing parameters.
  4. Add User Data.
  5. Add hotspots.
  6. Add a Web Output.
  7. Add a skin.
  8. Output the object movie.
  9. Show off your object movie by, for example, embedding it in a webpage.

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Last modified: Jul 26, 2023