Converting Images | Object2VR

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Use the Convert option to quickly create a new project using your newly processed images.

Convert o2vr.png

  1. Select the image format from the Format menu.
  2. If you’ve chosen JPEG, choose the JPEG quality at Image Quality. (See: JPEG Comparison (Object2VR))
  3. Determine the naming convention or Pattern of the files. (See: Image Sequence Pattern (Object2VR))
  4. Tell Object2VR where to put those images by clicking Choose and navigating to the desired folder.
    You could stop there and just output the images or you can continue and build a new project from them.
  5. Select, Create Project to build a new project from the images.
  6. Give the project a name. You must first select, Create Project, in order to make the Project Name editable.
  7. If you like, choose, Open new project after export, to open the project.

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