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Create a Website Popup

Learn how to create a popup up window using the URL type Point Hotspot and a Text Element in the skin.

Open a Webpage in a Pop-up Window

With a little work in the Skin Editor, you can open a webpage in a popup window so visitors aren’t taken out of the VR tour. In this exercise, we’ll open a webpage in a Text Box that pops up. However, a pop-up can be added to the skin using the built-in point hotspot components.

  1. Add a URL-type point hotspot.

    Hotspot Settings for the URL-type Point Hotspot
    Hotspot Settings for the URL-type Point Hotspot

  2. Open the Skin Editor to create a new skin using the Skin Editor button in the Toolbar. Or open an existing skin. Or edit the skin added in the Web Output.

  3. Add a Point Hotspot Template to the skin.

  4. Change its ID to ht_url.

  5. Add an icon for Point Hotspot. For this exercise, we’re using an icon from the Venis icon set in the Components Toolbox.

  6. Make the icon a child of the hotspot template.

  7. In the position settings, set the Anchor to center.

  8. Double-click on the word, Position to center the icon directly over the template.

    Positioning the hotspot icon.
    Positioning the hotspot icon.

  9. Add a variable. Click in the Canvas to open the skin’s settings. Add a variable to the variable table:

    • Name: vis_popup
    • Type: True/False
    • Init Value: false
  10. Draw a large Text Box in the Canvas.

  11. Change its ID to url_popup.

  12. Position the text box in the center of the canvas: Choose, center, for the Anchor. Then double-click on Position to center the text box.

  13. Change the value of Size from Pixels to Percent. Set the Width to 80 and the Height to 75.

  14. In the Appearance Settings, deselect Visible and add a Logic Block to show the popup only when the variable is true:

    • Trigger = Variable > vis_popup
    • Comparison = =
    • Value = true
    • Visible = true
      Logic Block added for Visible attribute.
      Logic Block added for Visible attribute.
  15. In the Rectangle settings, change the Background color, border width, radius, and color.

  16. In the Text settings, remove the word, “text”.

  17. Select the Point Hotspot Template and add action to load the website in an iframe and add it to the text box:

    • Source = Mouse Click
    • Action = Set Value
    • Value = <iframe src="$(hu)" style="border:0px #ffffff none;" name="kitchen" scrolling="yes" frameborder="1" marginheight="0px" marginwidth="0px" height="100%" width="100%" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    • Target = url_popup
  18. Add another action that changes the variable to true:

    • Source = Mouse Click
    • Action = Set Variable Value
    • Variable Name: vis_popup
    • Operation = Set(=)
    • Value = true
      The 2 actions needed to show the popup and to add the iframe to the text box
      The 2 actions needed to show the popup and to add the iframe to the text box
  19. Save the skin and make sure it’s selected as the skin in the Web Output.

All other hotspot type popups are created similarly. Use the built-in the hotspot components as examples.

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Last modified: Aug 28, 2023