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Import Using an Image Sequence

Importing your images as an image sequence is most convenient for projects with a large number of images.

  1. Open a new project.

  2. Define the Project Dimensions in the Project Properties. Set the number of columns, rows, and view states the images make up.

  3. In the Input section, choose Image Sequence.

  4. Define the location of the image sequence. Click the blue folder icon for File Path, navigate to the folder that holds the images. Select the folder to set the File Path.

  5. Enter the naming convention of your images in the Pattern field. A common pattern (expressed in JavaScript) is already set up for you, but you can edit this to fit your pattern. For example, if the files are named shoe_1_1.png, your pattern might look like this:’shoe_'+ (row)'_'+ (column) + '.png'.

    More on Image Sequence Pattern.

  6. After defining the pattern, click Test Pattern, to make sure Object2VR recognizes all of the images. If Object2VR cannot find the images, go back and make sure the pattern that is in bold under the Pattern field matches the pattern of the images. Also make sure all the image file names use the same pattern.

  7. Finally, click Load Images to load the images in the Light Table.

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Last modified: Aug 10, 2023