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Importing Images

Import images by dragging them in, using an image sequence pattern, or capturing the images directly to Object2VR.

There are a few ways to get your images into Object2VR. You can choose to import your images directly from the camera, adding them to the Light Table or importing with an image sequence pattern.

If you are using the studio version of Object2VR, you can connect both your turntable and camera to the computer and let Object2VR do the capturing for you.

If you have a large amount of images and when using the Light Table is not feasible, import images using an image sequence pattern.

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Naming Image Files

Object2VR will automatically organize your images if they have a naming pattern or convention.

Prepare your images with naming conventions that make sense for the type of project. Object2VR will recognize the pattern and arrange them accordingly in the Light Table.

Single Row Project

Single Row
Row 1 image_00 image_01 image_02

Multi-row Project

Row 1 image_0_0 image_0_1 image_0_2
Row 2 image_1_0 image_1_1 image_1_2
Row 3 image_2_0 image_2_1 image_2_2

Single-row Project with States

A single-row project with 2 states
Row 1, State 1 imageRed_00 imageRed_01 imageRed_02
Row 1, State 2 imageBlue_00 imageBlue_01 imageBlue_02

Multi-row Project with Multiple States

A 3-row project with 2 states
Row 1, State 1 imageRed_0_0 imageRed_0_1 imageRed_0_2
Row 1, State 2 imageBlue_0_0 imageBlue_0_1 imageBlue_0_2
Row 2, State 1 imageRed_1_0 imageRed_1_1 imageRed_1_2
Row 2, State 2 imageBlue_1_0 imageBlue_1_1 imageBlue_1_2

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Last modified: Aug 9, 2023