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Web Output

The web output exports all the files needed to add a tour to a website for playback in any modern web browser.

This basic workflow is for exporting the project for the web.

The output will produce all the files needed to upload your project to a webserver.

  1. Open the Output Panel.

  2. Click the green plus sign to select an output format and choose Web.

  3. [Optional] Choose a skin from the Skin menu. For instance, the feather_box.ggsk skin.

  4. Output the project by clicking on the gear wheel.

The tour will open with the Integrated Web Server that allows you to see and interact with the project locally. It is not being uploaded to the internet.

You can then take the output folder and all of its contents to your self-hosted webserver, or send it to a client to upload to their webserver.

Alternatively, you can also:

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Last modified: Jul 6, 2023