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What's New?

Here you'll find an ongoing list of new features, fixes, and changes added to each release.

Object2VR 4

Object2VR 4 announcement Object2VR 4 beta 1 announcement


  • support for webp as output format

Added during the beta

  • Skin action: Set Column/Row
  • Convert Input
  • Polygon Hotspots can now be dragged and copied
  • Polygon Hotspots now have actions to show, hide, disable, etc.
  • HTML page title added to Normal HTML template
  • Add titles for states for multi-state projects
  • View States cloner
  • placeholders for view states
  • Open multiple Skin Editor windows
  • Logic Block Triggers to set limits for buttons: Can Tilt Up/Down, Can Pan Left/Right, Can Zoom In/Out
  • Backup Folder and Auto Save
  • Cache Buster
  • Save with Assets
  • Support Package
  • Find Missing Files
  • Hide and Show actions for Polygon Hotspots
  • New Interface
  • New Skin Editor
  • Support for Translations and multilingual projects
  • More point hotspot types
  • Upload to Gnome Cloud
  • Support for Nodal Ninja Mecha and MIOPS capsule pro.

Last modified: Apr 12, 2024