Pano2VR 7 beta | Custom Properties Part 2

2022-04-20 17:00 CEST

In our previous webinar, we introduced Custom Properties and their basic features. In this webinar, we will continue with Custom Properties but this time we’ll show you how to keep track of interactions like counting the nodes visited and hotspots clicked in virtual tours.

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00:00 – Custom Properties Part 2: Introduction
00:48 – Begin Webinar
03:22 – Point Hotspot Custom Properties – Continuing from the previous webinar
04:17 – Adding a Custom Property as a variable in the skin
04:48 – The Custom Property added as a variable in the skin
05:01 – Assigning the hotspot template the variable to change the condition of the hotspot on Mouse Click.
06:42 – Q&A
08:46 – Review: Changing the condition of just the current hotspot.
09:07 – Creating text that updates to show how many items are available and how many items have been clicked.
09:49 – Adding User Data custom properties
11:24 – Adding the User Data custom properties to the hotspot template
13:21 – Refining the action for counting the number of clicks using action filters
16:34 – Modifying the action to have text show all products found
20:50 – Q&A
22:40 – Quickly refine the text box
24:10 – Introduction of gamification mechanics using custom properties; tracking time and mouse clicks
29:27 – Building the actions
30:43 – Hotspot Proxy ID and Regular Expressions in Polygon Hotspots
32:56 – Adding sound directly to the skin editor
33:37 – Using the Custom Properties to track clicking in the Polygon Hotspots
36:19 – Q&A

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